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Analysis of the foreground of handicraft

Arts and crafts products are also known as handicrafts, is made of fine arts with a variety of practical combined with the value of appreciation of goods. Chinese arts and crafts a wide range of more than 10 categories, hundreds of small categories, thousands of varieties, colors abound. Major categories include ceramic handicrafts, sculpture crafts, jade, brocade, embroidery, printing and dyeing handicrafts, lace, knitting crafts, weaving crafts, carpets and tapestry, lacquer ware, metal crafts, crafts, jewelry and so on.
After nearly 20 years of development, China's handicraft industry has become the world's largest producer and exporter. "Twelve-Five" period, the arts and crafts industry has made considerable progress, the realization of economic and social benefits of double harvest: sustained at more than 20% speed growth.
According to the Chinese Industrial Research network released in 2016 edition of Chinese arts and Crafts market status of research and development prospects analysis report shows that with the rapid rise of China's economy and the further development of foreign exchanges, China's arts and crafts market is experiencing unprecedented opportunities, the traditional arts and crafts industry has become a new growth point of China's economy and society. With the "collection is after the financial securities, real estate after another major investment area" concept is gradually accepted, these will give China's arts and crafts industry to bring greater opportunities. As a cultural, tourism, home decoration industry closely linked to the arts and crafts industry, ushered in a rare opportunity for development.

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